I just disabled comments.

I just disabled comments from Wickedplay wikia, I thought that a talk page might be better, leaving some more space for having talks about things that might need to be changed, remember that Wickedplay wikia is newer wikia, havng some more talks is great for our wikia, due to the fact that there is a lot of false things about the play on the internet, even for the people that have seen the play, there will be some fake stuff about more casting, and about the movie. So, just for now, I thought it would be better if the wiki had a place to talk about more things going on with the wiki, rather then to say things about the page. If you disagree, about this change then tell me on my talk, I would be happy hear your thoughts on this, so we can all decide what would be the best for the wiki. We can talk about on my blog comments, or message wall, or others, if the user or IP allows it, and we can together decide for the wiki.